Students are bound to face challenges while writing academic tasks. You can never be too accustomed to the ways of writing academic projects effectively because each academic project has its own nature and composition. These projects might vary from essays to case studies and from assignments to research papers. In many academic papers, students have to incorporate different forms of academic writing in order to support their argument. One such form of academic task is a dissertation. The following post is intended to shed light on dissertation papers, the challenges students face while writing dissertations, the ways to overcome them and some additional dos and don’ts are also presented. So; gear up for some deep insight.

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Dissertation Writing And Its Importance:

A dissertation is a project of a lifetime which covers a word range from 70,000 to 100,000 and takes about 2 to 3 years to complete a single project. This project is comprised of five main chapters along with multiple sub-divisions. Each of its chapters has a purpose of its own and is complete in itself. These chapters relate to the main topic and stay in coherence with the rest of the sections in a logical manner. A dissertation project plays a crucial role in the academic as well as professional life of students which is why some students pay for dissertation services to get their project done successfully. The importance of a dissertation project can be rel from the following points:

  • It helps develop strong critical thinking abilities in students as students are required to analyse and evaluate complex data in order to prove their point of argument.
  • A dissertation project fairly contributes to the final grades of the students. In addition to that; a student gets to pass the grade only if he manages to get his dissertation approved. He can get dissertation help or any sort of guidance for this but his project needs to be approved at any cost in order to get through the educational level.
  • Dissertation not only plays a role in academic life but also shapes the direction of them professional career. The selected topic of your dissertation project plays a crucial role in your acceptance of any specific job.
  • As a dissertation is all about introspection and reflection on the selected topic so, it promotes the personal growth and development of the student as well.
  • A fresh and original perspective in the world of dissertations contributes to the specific field as well by pointing out the gaps in existing studies and presenting a unique perspective to the discipline.

Types Of Dissertation Projects:

A dissertation project is mainly of two types and a student can pick any one according to his ease and understanding. This division is given based on the design approach used for research conduction. These two types of research design approaches or dissertation projects are:

Qualitative Dissertation:

A qualitative dissertation project is the type of dissertation where experiences are preferred over numbers. These projects are about talking to people, observing things, and studying texts to really understand how things work. Instead of just counting, it focuses on understanding why and how things happen. These dissertations explore feelings, thoughts, and meanings behind human actions while bringing out the details in-depth. This method of research is mainly used in fields like society, culture, etc.

Quantitiave Dissertation:

A quantitative dissertation is about collecting lots of data, using surveys or experiments. It involves the crunching of numbers to find patterns in data. This form of dissertation deals with statistics and measurements to test hypotheses in order to draw conclusions accordingly. These dissertations help people understand things with measurable results, like how things change or how one thing affects another. They are most commonly used in fields like science, economics, or education. 

Besides these two types of dissertation projects divided on the basis of their research methodology, there is a third type also known as mixed method dissertation. As the name identified, this is the type of dissertation in which both methodological approaches are used in order to prove the point of argument with solid pieces of evidence. 

Common Challenges In Dissertation Writing:

There are multiple requirements and terms or conditions for writing a dissertation project effectively. You can get dissertation help in order to meet those requirements or can affiliate yourself with them in order to craft them effectively. Some of the main elements that must be reflected through your project include:

  • A well-defined and outlined research area with a clearly picked research question. 
  • An accurate identification of the research objectives.
  • The addition of relevant information where required. 
  • Evaluating and assessing the references picked from reliable sources. 
  • Concluding to a well-argued end.
  • Organising the whole project in a structured manner with each chapter perfectly aligned with another one flowing in a logical manner. 

Students who struggle to incorporate all these elements in their projects face the following challenges. The identification of the problem is the first step towards overcoming those very challenges. So; let us look into the commonly observed challenges among students while writing their dissertation projects;The Difficulty In Adding A Fresh Perspective:

Students who approach a dissertation project from a new angle are presented with a number of difficulties. Deviating from accepted ideas requires an in-depth study and a profound comprehension of the issue which is quite challenging for students. Secondly, it gets difficult to present new ideas to already published academic norms. Moreover, taking a new approach might occasionally cause students to feel unsure and doubtful because they may wonder if their thoughts would be credible enough or not.

The Struggle To Choose A Clear Question:

A research question or thesis statement gives the main crux of the dissertation project. It is difficult for students to formulate a question that is broad enough to let the student thoroughly explore the topic and maintain the focus at the same time. Another significant challenge faced by students in this regard is having to make sure that the selected question adds to the existing knowledge of the field. Moreover, it is difficult to formulate a researchable and realistic question within a specific time period and the limited number of resources available

The Challenge To Incorporate The Relevant Information:

Another common challenge found among students while writing dissertation projects is difficulty in adding relevant information. It is difficult to combine material from different sources and then collect them all together in a relevant manner. Students are prohibited from adding too much information in their dissertation projects which can lead to vagueness and make the reader lost in the sea of information, which is another struggle for students. Having to arrange all the information in a logical and well-aligned manner is also a challenge for many students out there. 

The Difficulty In Picking The References From Authentic Sources:

There is a huge plethora of resources available out there from where a student has to pick the relevant information. It is a struggle to not only pick a piece of relevant information but also to make sure that the sources are authentic and won’t cause plagiarism. Another commonly found struggle among students is that they often forget to use updated information for their content. 

The Challenge Of Evaluating The Concepts:

Evaluating concepts in dissertation projects is also quite draining for students while they craft their dissertation projects. It takes extensive knowledge within the specific area of study to fully comprehend and analyse complex concepts. It is challenging to make sure that concepts are evaluated critically and objectively. Moreover; it can often be difficult to combine and integrate several ideas into a coherent argument. The Struggle To Allocate Enough Time For Each Section:

While you work on such an extensive project, it is quite common to lose track of time. You can spend more than half of your time writing one section while leaving little to no time for other sections. Students are often seen spending all their time in the literature review and methodology section and completing other sections in an extreme hurry. 

The Demand For Using Proficient Language:

Maintaining a high level of academic standards while writing dissertation projects is a challenge for a lot of students.  While it is already a challenge to stick to specific academic norms, having to follow the academic styles is another struggle for students. Students also find it struggling to translate technical and complex concepts. 

Overcoming Common Challenges In Dissertation Writing With Expert Help:

With every problem comes a solution and it is very true for the challenges which you face while writing your dissertation projects. Having to face challenges while writing dissertation projects is common but you need to overcome them by adapting such practices that can help you navigate these challenges. By getting dissertation help from professionals or by seeking guidance from online posts, you can overcome these challenges. The below-mentioned are some of the ways that can help you in the successful formulation of your dissertation project;

Identify Your Interests For Research Question Formulation:

Identify your area of interest while selecting the research objectives for your dissertation project. Select such an area of study that will make you want to work on the project without lacking the motivation. After you have decided on the specific area, it is time to narrow your focus to the topics that you find most appealing. In addition to that; while acknowledging the interest factor, also make sure that your research objectives contribute to the field in a fair manner. Keeping the language clear and precise must also be your target for the successful formulation of research objectives.

Practice Language For Writing Proficiency:

“Practice makes a man perfect” is something that we have been hearing since childhood and this statement is still as prevalent as ever before. When you consistently practice the writing skills and academic standards of writing then you begin to improve them without having to put any special efforts. Daily writing and composition start to improve your writing style without having to enrol in any courses or having to specifically learn new forms of writing.

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Use Tools To Refine The Quality Of The Content:

Many such tools and apps have been introduced that can help students refine their content and fix their mistakes. The errors that can get away from the human eye can easily be caught through automated tools. Some of these tools include:

Editing Tools: 

These tools help with grammar checks, spelling corrections, and improving the overall readability of the project. They might include: 

Language Improvement Tools:

These are the tools that present exercises in order to enhance the vocabulary and writing skills of students. These tools might include:

Reference Generating Tools:

These tools help collect, organise and cite the references from authentic resources. They might include:

Seek Guidance For Fresh Perspective:

“Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”– Albert Szent-Györgyi 

Taking guidance from experts in the field always helps. You can ask any professional within your area of study. Then there are advisors from your faculty who can guide and help you with your dissertation projects, they can help you with your doubts about new perspectives that you want to add to the existing studies. Your colleagues or seniors from your educational institute can also be very helpful when it comes to taking guidance from them. They can teach you about all the dos and don’ts of dissertation writing. 

Read Carefully To Evaluate The Concepts Critically:

When it comes to the critical evaluation of the concepts then it is always recommended to give the concepts a thorough read. By reading the content carefully, you will be able to evaluate it effectively. Try to understand the language, if it is too complex for you then convert it into simple terms and then comprehend the concept. Once you manage to complete the concept then critical evaluation of the concepts becomes much easier. 

Divide The Project For Effective Time Management:

As it is known that a dissertation is divided into multiple sections so, you should set a time for each section. Set a specific amount of time and days to complete a literature review, followed by methodology, discussion section, and so on. Make sure that each section has enough time and you are also left with time to revise as well. When you divide the project into manageable tasks then allocating time for each task becomes easier. 

Conduct Extensive Research For Relevant Content Addition:

“No research without action, no action without research”– Kurt Lewin

Research! Research! Research! Research is the key to overcoming all your challenges while writing a dissertation project. If you are feeling stuck! Conduct research. If you have run out of ideas! Conduct research. If you can’t find reliable sources! Conduct more research. In fact; conducting research for your dissertation project is one of the most important parts of dissertation writing. 

Do’s And Dont’s Of Dissertation Writing:

Now that the common challenges of dissertation writing have been identified along with the presentation of their possible solutions; it is time to look into some dos and don’ts of a dissertation project. In this way; students will be able to craft their dissertation project effectively without any obstacles. 


  • Begin your dissertation as early as possible to have enough time for research, writing, and revisions.
  • Adhere strictly to the guidelines provided by your advisor regarding formatting, structure, and citation style.
  • Create a detailed plan outlining sections, deadlines, and tasks to ensure a structured approach.
  • Invest time in comprehensive research to provide a strong foundation for your dissertation.
  • Ensure accurate and consistent citation of all sources used in your dissertation, following the selected citation style.


  • Don’t delay starting your dissertation. Procrastination can lead to rushed work and increased stress.
  • Don’t plagiarise content. Always cite sources properly and give credit where it is required.
  • Don’t attempt to cover too broad a topic or include excessive details. 
  • Don’t skip proofreading as it can lead to overlooked errors that could affect the quality of your dissertation.
  • Don’t rely heavily on a single source. Find data from multiple sources to strengthen your arguments.
  • Don’t dismiss feedback. Embrace constructive criticism to enhance the quality of your dissertation.


Writing a dissertation project requires a lot of terms and conditions that must be followed throughout. Students often experience challenges in an effort to overcome these challenges which is why we have mentioned some of the best possible solutions along with the identification of the common problems that students are faced with while writing their dissertation projects. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the students in formulating their dissertation project effectively without challenges