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What are dissertation writing services?

Dissertation writing services offer assistance to students seeking help in the process of writing a well-structured document for their research. You can confidently rely on our trusted scholars to guide you in the right direction. Seeking such assistance can help you reduce a significant amount of academic pressure you feel during the process of dissertation writing.

Are dissertation writing services legal and ethical?

Dissertation writing services are absolutely legal and 100% ethical. Our services aim to provide guidance and assistance to students. We collaborate with students ensuring their active participation in the process to ease their burden of academics and help them achieve their goals.

What types of services do Dissertation Help Services offer?

At Dissertation Help Service, we offer an all-inclusive deal for dissertation writing which includes selection of dissertation topics, brainstorming and outlining the initial draft, academic writing, editing, proofreading, formatting, etc. You can also customize these services based on your preferences. Get help with the complete process of producing a top-notch dissertation and forget all about your worries.

How can I choose a reputable dissertation writing service?

Dissertation Help Service is helping students reach their potential for years. The onboarding process for writers is extremely strict to verify that each expert has the skills to help students. Get the perfect blend of affordability and quality with the best value for your investment from Dissertation Help Services’ expert writers.

Can I trust the writers from dissertation writing services?

Certainly! Each writer at Dissertation Help Service is a verified professional. You can blindly trust our reliable experts with your dissertation and achieve success in this academic milestone.

Will my dissertation remain confidential?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your dissertations are not shared with anyone who is not directly related to your project. We have a confidentiality agreement with our team to ensure none of your data gets accidentally leaked to any third parties.

Can I request revisions from dissertation writing services?

Sure you can! We offer unlimited free revisions until you approve it as perfect! Your satisfaction is our prime responsibility. Whether you find any errors or mistakes in the final document or if our writers did not meet your expectations. Give us feedback and get a dissertation that goes beyond your expectations.

How do I know if the dissertation service I'm considering is reliable?

Writing a dissertation requires extensive research, critical thinking, and impeccable writing skills. That's where a trustworthy and reliable service like Dissertation Help Service comes into play. With their money-back guarantee, you can rest assured your dissertation will be remarkable. You can also take past student reviews as tangible proof of our reliability and ability to help you excel.

Can I communicate with the writer during the process?

We highly encourage communication between you and your writer. Actively participate in the process of your dissertation writing and provide feedback periodically to ensure the quality of the project meets your expectations.

How can I ensure the dissertation service follows my requirements?

You can ensure your writer is following your given guidelines by being proactive. Engage with your assigned expert, communicate your issues, and ask questions. Your frequent feedback is essential for the outcome to meet your expectations.

What is the typical turnaround time for dissertation writing services?

Many factors impact the turnaround time for a dissertation. These factors include the number of pages you require, the complexity of your subject, the amount of research required, and the urgency of your project deadline. The standard turnaround time is typically 3 to 4 weeks. However, if you need your dissertation urgently, you can take two options either expedited which takes around 1-2 weeks, or urgent in which you can get your dissertation within a week.

Can I use a dissertation service for parts of my dissertation, like editing or data analysis?

Sure, our services are highly flexible giving you the option to customize it as you like. If you need help in any specific part of the dissertation you can easily coordinate it with our team. Specify your requirements in detail and we will be your savior in your time of need.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the service?

Absolutely! Your satisfaction matters the most. We ensure our writers follow your guidelines and produce a dissertation that exceeds your expectations. Still, if you are not satisfied with the outcome you can claim a refund. Refer to our refund policy page to understand the conditions of eligibility for a refund.


How do dissertation writing services determine their pricing?

The price to write a dissertation varies on several factors such as its intricacy, deadline, additional services, etc. The basic price is determined by the number of pages you require to complete your dissertation. We offer an all-inclusive deal which means you don’t need to pay extra for formatting, proofreading, referencing, and Turnitin reports. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all your dissertation needs.

Are there fixed rates for dissertation writing services?

The price structure of our service is very flexible. You can customize it to fit your budget. We accommodate every kind of budget ensuring every student has access to reasonable and quality assistance for their dissertation.

Can I get a price estimate before committing to a dissertation service?

Of course, you can! After you fill out your order form our team analyzes your data and provides you with an estimate of your dissertation before you confirm your order.

Is it more expensive to request urgent dissertation assistance?

The prices vary based on the deadline you provide. The price significantly drops for a longer deadline. Try to make up your mind as soon as possible to save your money.

Do you offer discounts or promotions?

Yes! Save big with us. We often have ongoing promotional discounts to make our services even more affordable and accessible. With Dissertation Help Services you don’t have to exhaust your bank account for your dissertation. Get the best value on your investment.

Do I need to pay the full price upfront?

No, you don’t have to pay the whole payment upfront. We want to provide help to students, not another struggle. Choose the method that fits you best. Discuss with our team and you can choose the option of installments to pay for dissertation writing services from us.

Are there hidden fees associated with dissertation services?

Our pricing structure is very transparent. We provide you with a proper breakdown of your payment in the form of an invoice. No hidden charges our services are all-inclusive only for your convenience. We do not take any responsibility if the bank deducts any transaction charges.

Can I negotiate the price with a dissertation service?

Sure you can! Our prices are very flexible. Take the liberty to customize the services as per your requirements and budget. Discuss your budget with our team and get personalized discount offers and a quote that fits your budget.

What payment methods do dissertation services accept?

For the convenience of our students, we accept multiple methods for payments. The payment methods include direct bank transfer, visa card, debit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Stripe. Choose the method that you are most comfortable with.

Can I receive a refund if I'm dissatisfied with the dissertation service?

Certainly! Your satisfaction is our priority and our experts ensure to assist you in a way that leaves no room for errors and confusion. We offer unlimited revisions to rectify any mistakes that slip through our eyes. Still, if our guidance doesn’t quench your satisfaction you can claim a refund. Give detailed feedback on our email to put your request for analysis. For further details and conditions of eligibility for a refund kindly refer to our dedicated refund policy page.

Do you charge extra for formatting or referencing?

Absolutely not! We provide formatting and referencing as complimentary services to our valuable students. We are committed to providing each student with comprehensive support in their academics, ensuring your dissertations meet the highest academic standards. Formatting and referencing are integral parts of the dissertation help and are included in the initial pricing. Whether you want APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style our experts are here to help you out.

Are there price variations for different academic levels (e.g., undergraduate vs. doctoral)?

Your level of education is a major factor that influences the price of your project. With a higher academic level, the intricacy as well as the length of your dissertation increases exponentially contributing to a raise in your invoice.

How it works ?

How can I order dissertation help?

Our order process is very simple and easy. You can order your dissertation by following the steps below:
  1. Fill out the order form. Make sure you provide detailed, complete, and accurate information.
  2. Discuss your budget with our team
  3. Get a personalized quote
  4. Choose your payment method
  5. Make payment according to your invoice
  6. Start collaborating with your expert
  7. Get your final dissertation document
  8. Approve if you are satisfied or ask for a free revision

How do you match experts with students in specific fields of study?

Dissertation Help Service has a team of experts specializing in different disciplines. We thoroughly analyze your requirements and subject details. This evaluation then leads to matching you with an expert in your field of study whose expertise perfectly aligns with your requirements.

How quickly you can write my dissertation?

Dissertations are detailed documents containing multiple chapters. The time required to complete your project depends on how many chapters you want our expert to assist you. Each subject specialist diligently works on your project and ensures to meet your deadlines and timely submission of your dissertations.

Can you provide progress reports?

Yes, our writers stay in touch with you to ensure the work being done on your project is meeting your expectations. Our approach for dissertation assistance requires you to actively participate in the process and provide feedback ensuring seamless integration of your distinctive style. Moreover, our support team is always ready to help with any issues or confusion. You can directly communicate with your assigned expert or use live chat for prompt responses.

How do you keep my information private and secure?

Our students’ security and privacy are our top priority. We implement several security measures and advanced encryption techniques to safeguard your information. Moreover, all the conversations between our students and experts for the sake of following a collaborative approach are kept highly confidential. We adhere to our strict confidentiality policy, ensuring that all your information remains 100% confidential and is never shared with third parties without your consent. We also take frequent IP checks to avoid unauthorized access.

About us

Where are you located?

We are a UK-based service provider, helping students to access assistance from qualified scholars for their dissertations. We ensure each student has easy access to convenient and affordable guidance from experts in their fields of study.

How long have you been working on dissertations?

We established this platform in 2013, gaining extensive experience and trust from our students providing the most reliable option for dissertation help. Over the years, we have assisted more than 40,000+ students, helping them successfully defend their dissertations, leaving a lasting impression on their advisors. Our students have sent many words of praise after receiving guidance from our scholars. Their extensive experience has helped them get invaluable insights resulting in remarkable dissertations. The remarks from our successful students are a testament to our dedication and effectiveness in helping students succeed in their academic journey.

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