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 Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation Ideas

A dissertation is an essential academic document that graduate students are required to submit to get their final degree. You are required to develop your original research at the end of your degree. The term dissertation is used for Ph.D. students whereas for bachelors and masters, we often use the word “thesis”.

Students are typically required to find a research objective and then carry out the detailed research findings to answer that research question. You can adopt many changes and make innovations in your research. But even before you begin your dissertation the very first step is to find the topic for your dissertation. And one cannot deny that it is a daunting task for most students. Here we have given a detailed guide on how you can choose the best dissertation topic for research and get the highest grades.

We Provide 180+ Subjects For Dissertation Topics: Choose Your Favourite

We know finding a dissertation topic will be daunting and a hard experience. To make things easy for you we have got a list of almost 200 subjects that we cover. You can go through the list and find the topic that might interest you.

Dissertation Ideas For The Year 2024- 2025

With the advent of technology, universities are also evolving. Professors have changed their teaching patterns and research requires ten times more effort than it did in the last few years. So, finding an interesting and informative dissertation topic is hard, you can prefer a dissertation writing service to help you choose the topic. To make things easy for you we have enlisted a few ways that you can adopt to select a dissertation topic.

  • It has to be new and related to advanced technologies.
  • Your topic should target at least 2 out of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) given by the United Nations.
  • It should not affect the sentiments of any community.
  • It should not harm the environment in any way.

Dissertation Vs. Thesis: What Is The Difference?

The thesis and dissertation are the same and different at some levels, here are some clear differences between the two.

Dissertation Thesis
A dissertation is a lengthy document that you have to submit for the Ph.D. research. The thesis is not as lengthy as a dissertation and it is submitted at the end of the bachelor’s or masters.
Students are required to contribute new and unique research in their dissertations. Thesis research does not have to be necessarily unique. It only shows that researchers have an idea of already existing work.
The dissertation aims to develop unique concepts and defend them on a practical and theoretical basis. The thesis is a representation of already existing information on the topic.
The dissertation is more than 100 pages in length. A thesis is about 100 pages in length

Dissertation vs. Thesis: What Are The Similarities?

The thesis and dissertation have some clear similarities, here we have enlisted them to give you a quick overlook.

  1. Both thesis and dissertation are the final year projects that you need to submit before graduating from any of the degree programs.
  2. Both need a deeper level of understanding and independent research.
  3. Both are research-backed documents that should address some research questions.
  4. Students need imperative academic writing skills for both thesis and dissertation.
  5. You have to follow some ethical practices while documenting research in both
  6. Zero plagiarism is required for the thesis as well as the dissertation.
  7. You need analytical skills to support your research.
  8. Students are supposed to let their documents undergo intense editing and critical proofreading.

What You Should Know Before Choosing A Dissertation Topic

While writing a dissertation you have to work closely with your mentor who you will choose for yourself. You will get regular feedback from them at different stages of your research. They will judge your work and provide you with guidance.

While writing a dissertation you have to work closely with your mentor who you will choose for yourself. You will get regular feedback from them at different stages of your research. They will judge your work and provide you with guidance.

How To Choose A Dissertation Topic: A Complete Guide

Choosing a dissertation topic is not easy, but we have provided you with a complete guide that makes this path easy for you.

1. Identify Your Research Type

This is the very first step towards finding your research topic. There are two types of research, one is qualitative and the other is empirical.  In empirical research, you have to conduct independent research. Medical and nursing students often go for this research, whereas in qualitative research you have to conduct critical analysis which is done by business and other field students.

2. Select An Area Of Interest

Find the area that interests you the most, for instance in business students it has to be marketing or finance. Once you have chosen your area you can explore it further. Go through other people’s work in that field.

3. Document Your Sources

Up to this point you have chosen the area and research type so you can start documenting all the resources that you find. Collect them all in one document, up to this point you will be able to shortlist three to four research titles. Go through each of them and select one at last.

4. Find Answers To Your Objectives

You have selected the dissertation topic but the procedure continues as you have to look for answers. By any means, if you are not able to find answers to your objectives, you will have to change your title.

5. Apply Ethical Principles

Select the topic by keeping ethical principles in mind. Your title does not have to be offensive to any group or community. You need to carefully analyze it from different aspects and make it work.

6. Consider Time As A Factor

Don’t waste too much time on topic selection because your dissertation will take time. So, keep it quick and fast. Don’t indulge too much in topic selection so that you don’t get any time for your obvious work.

Degree Programs That Require You To Submit A Dissertation

Although a dissertation is an essential document not every degree program requires it. Some of the programs require a mandatory thesis or dissertation submission while others don’t. Here we have explained three degree types that require a dissertation submission. There are many reasons why students are not able to work on their dissertation. so, to cope up with that there are services like buy dissertation UK that help students with write up.

  • Dissertation Topics for Bachelor’s Students

Dissertation topics for bachelors tend to be simple and easy to understand. Also, students graduating with bachelors are not required to present any unique research. So, because of all this, they can go with simple yet creative dissertation topics.

  • Dissertation Topics for Master’s Students

Master’s students need the same approach as bachelor’s students with a little bit of improvement. They are very similar but need more innovations. Master’s students are required to work more and they have to improve their dissertation topics.

  • Dissertation Topics for Ph.D. Students

PhD students need to work hard on their dissertations. As they have to develop their unique research, they must select their dissertation topics carefully. They can’t overlook problems that occur while selecting a topic.

Where to Find a Unique Dissertation Topic?

A unique dissertation topic is the one that actually solves any world problem, with your research you should be able to provide some kind of relief to the environment.Various search engines can help you with dissertation topic selection. You need to be clear about your research field and how you want to continue it. Don’t overlook the recent technical advancements, and make sure to target one or two Social development goals from the Seventeen SDG’s given by the United nations.

How To Write A Perfect Dissertation Title

Choosing your dissertation title early will help you compose your research the right way. It helps your readers understand what your work is based on.

An impressive dissertation title has to be:

  • It should be descriptive and explanatory
  • It should be precise
  • It will include components like nature, method, or population
  • You should not include abbreviations or acronyms.

One great way of setting up the dissertation title will be separating it into two parts.  You can divide them by the colon.

The general area: the more specific area

For instance: workplace challenges: A qualitative study on corporate employees in the USA.


The last days of your degree can be hard, students are juggling between regular classes, projects, and celebrations, and despite all this, they are even required to write a dissertation. Before starting your dissertation you need to choose an informative topic. Our step-by-step guide will help you go through it. Just give it a read and you will be good to go.


1. How do I choose the right dissertation topic?

There’s not a right or wrong dissertation topic, it has to be either informative or complex. So the right kind of dissertation topic is highly informative and advanced. You have to make it informative by working on it hard.

2. Can I change my dissertation topic after it’s approved?

In most cases, you cannot. Once your topic is approved it is hard for you to change it. But if your reasons are genuine you should email an application to your dissertation committee requesting them to change your dissertation topic for some or other reasons. 

3. How long should a dissertation topic be, and should it be a question or a statement?

Your dissertation topic title should be short and to the point. Also, it should not exceed 15 words. And it does not have to be a question but instead a hypothesis.

4. What makes a good dissertation title?

A good dissertation title is precise, to the point, and short. It should not include any acronyms or symbols.

5. What makes a good dissertation topic?

A good dissertation topic should be informative, new, and according to the advent of technology. It has to be the latest and most advanced.