Refund Terms & Conditions

Refundable Conditions

1. Initial Requirements are Not Met

Your satisfaction is our priority. If your initial requirements are not met after multiple revisions, you can claim a refund.

2. Delivery Past The Deadline

We ensure all your projects are delivered on time. In case our writers did not meet your deadline deviating from the initial requirement then you can claim a refund.

3. Order Withdrawal Within 24 Hours

If the order request is withdrawn within 24 hours of placing the order with a deadline of more than 10 days, you are eligible to claim a refund.

4. Grade Achievement

In case we mutually agreed upon a specific grade target that we failed to achieve, then indemnifying measures can be taken.

Note: If your feedback report includes or indicates a change that does not complement your initial requirements neither revision nor refund will be entertained. Separate charges will be added to your invoice for any significant additional changes in the final document. We would not be responsible for the outcome if the additional payment is not made for the redo.

Non-refundable Conditions

1. Incomplete or Incorrect Requirements

In case the initial requirements sent by our students are not complete or are not accurate leading to a compromise on the quality of the dissertation.

2. Work Not Being Used

After the completion and delivery of the finalized project document, the student chose not to use the content provided by us.

3. Editing Done By Students

In case the student makes changes to the work shared by us resulting in a drop in the quality of the final work.

4. Delay Due to Non-responsiveness

If the student is non-responsive to any queries or concerns raised by the assigned expert and is not actively collaborating resulting in an unsatisfactory dissertation.

5. Change of Mind For Urgent Orders

Change of mind within a few hours will not be eligible for a refund on urgent orders with less than 48 hours of the deadline.

To initiate your refund process share a detailed, comprehensive, and accurate feedback report on our email indicating all the issues and conditions that are needed for your eligibility for a refund. Our audit team will analyze your feedback report and let you know if you qualify for a refund.

20% transaction charges will be deducted in case of a refund.

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