Privacy Policy

Make sure you thoroughly read the privacy policy before consenting to the processing of your personal data or providing us with your personal data within any form on our website, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the conditions under which we work.

As defined in our Terms and Conditions, this Privacy Policy applies to your use of the services and explains the whens, wheres, and whys of our use and processing of your personal data while you use our website. This also explains the conditions of disclosure of your data to others and your rights with respect to your personal data, as well as how we keep it secure.

At Dissertation Help Services, the protection of your data and information is our primary responsibility. The sole purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you that we will store your information in our database. Rest assured, we will safeguard your data at all costs.

Cookie Policy

Have you ever asked yourself how websites give you a personalized experience? No need to spiral on that question because we will answer it for you. Basically, cookies are the culprit here, whenever you visit a website these cookies save a chunk of your information to understand your preferences providing a tailored experience. At Dissertation Help Services, we take your privacy very seriously and use these cookie crumbles very responsibly. Still, if you are not comfortable saving your information as cookies, you can turn it off in your browser settings easily.


Disabling Cookies

  • You can disable cookies in four simple steps if you don’t want your information to get recorded in the cookies.
    Open the settings in your browser
  • Select the privacy and security
  • Choose cookies and other site data
  • Remove all the cookies by clicking on clear all.

Note: Your information may have to be disclosed to the legal authority in case the delivered dissertation is used for illicit or commercial purposes.


Initial Security Terms

Dissertation Help Service takes multiple security measures to ensure your data is fully secure and confidential. We understand your concerns about your personal information getting leaked to third parties, which is why we have a strict privacy policy and make it our priority to safeguard your data at all costs. It is our ethical responsibility to secure all the information provided by you, hence our privacy policy entertains all your concerns. Rest assured, all your data and information saved in our database is highly confidential and will be kept hidden from third parties.


Information you will be requested to share with us:

  • your email address for carrying out uninterrupted communication 
  • The subject of your dissertation 
  • The word count assigned to you by your advisor or institute
  • The deadline within which the dissertation has to be submitted
  • The method of payment you have chosen along with your payment details

Note: Your email address will be kept confidential at all costs. Every email you’ll receive from our end is to bestow you with the utmost benefit. Your email ID is utilized to keep you updated all the time regarding the changes in our services as well as the discount codes.


Payment Security Terms

Providing an overall safe customer experience, we ensure all the payment methods used to order our services are secure for our students. We allot unique order codes for each order to keep your information portal updated.

Policy & Alterations

Dissertation Help Services holds all the right to make necessary changes as required in this privacy policy at any time. You are highly requested to review all the terms of the privacy policy thoroughly to avoid any later dispute.

Contacting Us

We encourage you to clear all your doubts about our services before you place your order by contacting our round-the-clock customer support. Ask questions, provide feedback, and send us requests in relation to our Privacy Policy in case of any confusion at

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