“I didn’t pass my degree due to never handing in an acceptable dissertation, and while it didn’t harm me in the long run, my failure to complete the course properly probably led me to spend the next six years or so coasting, unsure of what to do next.” –Charlie Brooker

The importance of a  dissertation project is quite evident as it is a project of a lifetime. It is one such academic paper that not only decides your academic performance but also shapes the direction of your professional career. Mainly; a dissertation is a project assigned to post-graduate students in which they have to pick a certain topic within their respective area of study and explore it in-depth. This exploration is meant to identify the gaps in the previous studies of the relevant topic and contribute fairly to the specific field with a new perspective. The aim of this research work is to find out the independent research skills of the student and assess his academic growth. 

A dissertation, being an extremely extensive project; ranging from 70,000 words to 100,000 words and comprising of complex concepts is surely a tough nut to crack. Due to the complexity of the project, students often seek online dissertation help or look for guidance on how to do a research project. All these forms of assistance provide direction to the student so they can execute their project effectively. However; there are a lot of such challenges that students are introduced to once they begin the process of dissertation writing or research conduction. These challenges need to be addressed along with their possible solutions so students will be prepared to face and overcome them. 

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🔍 Research Conduction In Dissertation Writing:

It is the research question or the research objectives that drive a study. Even though; a dissertation project is composed of five to six main sections with each having a different nature, but all of them have the same purpose, which is to meet the research objective stated in the very first section of the project. The effort you put into conducting research, finding gaps in the existing studies and evaluating your research work is going to be the determining force of your project. The best online dissertation help is always the one, which has thoroughly researched content with clearly selected research designs and well-evaluated concepts.   

💡 Challenges With Their Solutions For Dissertation Research Conduction:

Having doubts and facing challenges during the process of research conduction in dissertation writing is quite normal. However; you need to realise that you are contributing to the global accumulation of knowledge and you must formulate your project accordingly. Some of the possible challenges that students can face while conducting research are mentioned below along with their possible solutions:

1. Challenge; Finding The Focus Of Your Research Topic:

Finding focus for your research question in a dissertation project is extremely crucial as it defines the depth of your project. A focused research topic guides the direction of your study. It is the research question that defines the relevance and coherence of your dissertation paper. Finding a focused research topic from the plethora of topics and extensive data, students can get easily distracted. It is not easy to make a topic of 12 to 15 words that can perfectly hold the essence of your project. 


  • Pick a topic that has practical implications and is doable. 
  • Read the specific area of study and your choice of topic extensively in order to formulate it precisely.
  • If you think the topic is not that clear even after starting the project, it is never too late to change the direction of your project a bit.

2. Challenge; Picking The Accurate Methodological Approach:

Picking the right methodological approach can be challenging for many UK students. There are multiple methodologies, each with its strengths and limitations that make it difficult for students to choose one. Moreover; an extreme level of expertise is required to use some methodological approaches. Balancing theoretical alignment with practical feasibility is another hurdle for students while conducting research and picking the accurate methodological approach. 


  • The methodology design that best answers your research question will most probably be the best approach for your research paper.
  • Once you have decided whether you want to go with qualitative design or quantitative design then it will get easier for you to figure out other relevant questions. 
  • Always be clear with your methodological design and approach.
  • Consult with other researchers before going for a methodology, it is okay to spend some extra time in order to make a wise decision.

3. Challenge; Selecting Your Research Partners:

Even though; a dissertation project is meant to test the independent skills of the student still, you are going to need a certain research support team who can help you with your research work. Being able to find reliable and professional research partners is another challenge for post-graduate students. 


  • Choose your colleagues wisely for feedback.
  • Pick your advisor and mentors carefully.
  • Always be clear with your questions when it comes to any concerns in the research work.

4. Challenge; Finding The Research Participants:

Now that you have selected the methodological approach, you definitely would need some participants to conduct your research, which is another struggle for a lot of students. 


  • Make use of your social network by targeting a specific group within that network and then asking them to tell others about this research.
  • Never hesitate to ask people to take part in your research, they can say no if they don’t want to but if they happen to agree then you can have a participant for your research without having to spend any money. 

5. Challenge; Having To Stay Motivated:

For such an extensive project with so many complex concepts and challenges, it is quite normal for students to lack motivation during the process. This might be the biggest challenge of them all because it comes from within and no dissertation help or online dissertation service can help other than yourself. 


  • Make sure that your research paper is of your interest.
  • Stay consistent with your writing and reward yourself after every little achievement. 
  • Never hesitate to ask for dissertation help near you. This help can be in the form of online tools, networking with other students, extensive research resources, and so on.

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👉 Setbacks And Ways To Overcome Them During Dissertation Research:

As challenges make it difficult to work on the research work, similarly there are certain setbacks that you might face during dissertation research conduction that impedes the progress of the dissertation project. These setbacks along with the ways to overcome them are;

1. Setback; Extremely Time-consuming:

Conducting research for a dissertation paper is a time-consuming task due to multiple factors varying from extensive literature review to data collection, and choosing methodological approaches. Delays in accessing resources, unexpected hurdles in data gathering, and complexities in analysis make the process even more time-consuming. 


  • Breaking down tasks into manageable chunks.
  • Setting a time routine for your academic paper.
  • Setting your priorities straight. 
  • Setting realistic goals.

2. Setback; Getting Ethical Approval Of Your Research:

Ethical approval is crucial in research to ensure that studies adhere to ethical standards, protecting the well-being, rights, and privacy of participants. It is challenging for students mainly due to the complexity of ethical considerations and the meticulous processes involved. 


  • A comprehensive understanding of ethical guidelines can be helpful.
  • Designing research protocols that prioritise participant welfare, confidentiality, and informed consent while addressing potential risks. 
  • Clear communication of methodologies and justifications for research procedures. Engaging with ethics review boards.

3. Setback; Securing Adequate Funding:

A significant setback encountered by the researchers is obtaining sufficient financing for their investigations. Getting adequate funding has intense competition, and applying for these funds can be a difficult as well as a time-consuming procedure. 


  • Look for multiple funding sources varying from government grants to private funding to industry partnerships.
  • Write a clear and convincing grant proposal that can help you in securing funds for your research paper. 

4. Setback; Managing A Data Of Information:

Research data management can be difficult because of the complexities involved in data organisation, storage, and analysis. It can be very difficult to maintain correct documentation, handle a variety of data types while retaining integrity, and ensure data authenticity.


  • Using cloud-based tools for data storage and analysis.
  • Implementing best practices for data security and privacy.
  • Developing an effective data management plan. 

5. Setback; Keeping Up With Technology:

The speed with which technology is developing makes it difficult for researchers to stay up to date. As new software, techniques, and tools appear on a regular basis, researchers must always keep on learning and adapting. It can be challenging to smoothly incorporate these innovations into continuing research while guaranteeing their compatibility.


  • Engage in ongoing education through courses, workshops, and online resources to stay updated on new tools.
  • Remain flexible and open to experimenting with new tools or software
  • Allocate specific periods to explore new technologies.

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🔍 Steps To Write Dissertation Research Effectively:

Now that students are aware of the possible challenges and setbacks they might face during the process of research paper formulation and have found their possible solutions as well. It is time to look into the overall formula of writing a dissertation paper effectively. This form of dissertation help will give you an idea of how you can take things along smoothly.

  • Begin With A Plan:

First of all, you need to relax and sit with a calm mind without thinking about how will you write such an extensive project. Begin with the topic selection; It may take longer than you think to choose a dissertation topic. It is okay even if you don’t immediately come up with the perfect topic. You have plenty of time to keep researching and looking for your topic to be creative.

A topic selection must be followed by a dissertation question formulation.  A dissertation question must be presented in a way that allows for a focused and particular response; it is not the same as a topic. You can pick the question by looking for the gaps in the existing knowledge, by concentrating on a single, specific facet of your issue or by

thinking bigger and including related areas of study. 

  • Form A Structure:

It is best to give a structure to your dissertation project that will give you direction throughout. The main sections or chapters in which you can divide the project include:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results 
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography & Appendices

Each of these sections has its own requirements that must be met carefully while keeping the logical flow of ideas and maintaining relevance to the main context of the research paper. 

  • Start the process Of Writing:

There is a way to approach your dissertation project effectively without getting intimidated by its extensive length. You can keep trying the following points for the smooth flow of the project;

  • Even if you have certain doubts start writing. You can make the changes later on. It is because sometimes when you start writing, you begin to clear your thoughts along the way.
  • It is not necessary to start your project with the sections in chronological order. You can start your project with the literature review sections followed by methodology and can leave the introduction and abstract for the last. In fact; it is highly recommended to do an abstract at last as only then you will be able to cover the essence of the project beautifully in it. 
  • Treat each chapter as a separate essay but with the same main idea as others.


  • Stay Motivated:

Staying motivated through the process of your dissertation project completion is very important. You can give yourself rewards for little accomplishments and take breaks if you like but make sure to write the project with a fresh and active mindset. 

  • Revise Before Submission:

This might seem like the last stage that you can get away with anyhow but remember its importance as this stage will refine your content. Make sure to save enough time for this stage in order to remove any errors and flaws in order to refine the quality of the academic paper.

📃 Conclusion: 

Writing a dissertation project is an intimidating task but with the right guidance; you can get through it quite successfully. There are certain challenges and setbacks that students often experience while conducting research which is why we have presented some fair solutions to those challenges for students to construct their dissertation papers without any hindrance. In addition to that; we have mentioned some key points of writing the project effectively. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the students in overcoming the challenges they might face during research paper conduction and writing their dissertation project effectively.